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Everybody hating on my sandals

My primary footwear – Sandals.

Had several serious foot infections, but was able to reduce the frequency by wearing sandals.

I've been shooting IDPA for over four years and have worn sandals the majority of the time. I’ve never had a problem with hot brass during the matches, likely because of the open space and moving and being able to move my feet if I need to dislodge a piece of brass(very, very, rare).

Shooting inside, with deflectors, would be different, but still not a problem since a simple flick should dislodge a piece of brass.

I did have one incident three years ago. I tucked a clipboard under my arm so I could reset a swinger; the clip board slipped out and fell on my toe.

Required – eyes/ears.

Required – muzzle control at ALL TIMES.

Recommended: ball cap/visor, no loose fitting “brass catchers,” no cussin’, fussin’, drinkin’, smokin’, dopin’, or spittin’.
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