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Thanks to all of you for participating in my little ad hoc survey. Now I'll tell you what prompted this:

I serve on the Board of Directors of one of the three gun clubs I belong to. The designated Safety Officer got really upset one day when one of our shooters arrived at the range wearing flip flops. Later that day he sent out a memo to the rest of the BOD asking that we ratify a dress code he had put together. My stance is the range safety rules should be adequate. If you over-regulate the group, and this applies to most anything, you take away the fun of it all. Further, I suggested we educate the membership at a monthly business meeting about the negative things that can happen when hot brass goes down a shirt, hits one in the face, or gets stuck between the toes. A demonstration of the what happens to one's gun when they do the hully gully, twist, and whatoosi all at once should be adequate to ingrain that they must be aware of with their loaded gun.

The consensus here seems to validify my direction of thinking.
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