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Originally Posted by Brian Pfleuger
I don't know why you'd need any other rules, except eye and ear protection. I'm actually shocked that those aren't part of the NRA requirements.
From what I hear, they do that for a good reason. In another thread, someone was saying that the NRA specifically recommended to his range that they change their eye and ear protection policy from a requirement to a recommendation.

The reasoning went like this: By making it a requirement, the range basically says that they will enforce the rule; if someone takes off their eyes and ears and then gets hurt, the range could be liable because they didn't enforce their rules. But if they simply recommend it, then they go on record as saying it's a good idea, but they remove their requirement to enforce it, and therefore they would be less liable if someone got hurt.

That's how it was explained, and it makes sense to me. But I'm no lawyer, so I'd be interested to hear what one of you lawyers thinks about it.
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