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Eyes and ears are IMHO the only real requirement when it comes to gear when shooting. Everything else is a matter of personal choice.

I almost always shoot with closed toed shoes and most of the time wear a baseball cap not having those particular pieces of gear are does not make me a danger to myself or others at the range.

I have shot in flip flops on more than one occasion and have shot a countless number of times with no hat. As tailgator said yes hot brass may hit your expose foot but if you know it can happen and you are not startled by it there is really no danger. That said if I were participating in an active shooter type gun game I think it is reasonable to require close toed shoes.

I am not sure why people bring up logos and clothing in general. I personally would not expect a gun club/shooting club to have a dress code. I am 100% with kraigwy I do not want other people telling me how to dress and would see no reason to tell other people.

I would allow common sense not rules to prevail.
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