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What do you Recommend?

Hypothetically, you are a member of a Private Gun Club comprised of a nice mix of people that come from all walks of life. Your club, which consists of nearly 100 members and is growing steadily meets once a week to shoot and holds a once a month educational and business meeting. Due to geographic and environmental circumstances, the club does not have their own range but has an agreement with a LGS to utilize their indoor 30 lane range. By virtue of being a Shooting Club, there are certain guidelines and rules in place to protect everyone's safety.

Hypothetically, you occupy a seat on the Board of Directors of the aforementioned club and are charged with Range Safety and as a matter of fact, are a NRA Certified RSO. What would you designate as appropriate "Range Wear?"

Please be specific and go beyond the "eyes and ears" protection. List everything you think would increase safety for the individual shooter which will enhance safety for the group. Your group has a mix of novice shooters to the very experienced and you must act in the best interest of everyone.
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