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csmss wrote;
I don't understand the idea of doing ANYTHING that advertises you or your family's presence inside the home to the person on the outside. I don't see what it accomplishes. If anything, it is likely to antagonize that person and to give him or her additional reason to keep banging on the door, now that he/she knows someone is home.
It is very common (around here) for burglars to knock on a door to see if someone is home, if they think someone is home, they leave. If not, they are more likely to try and gain entry.

lcpiper wrote;
You might as well just tell them they are free to come and rob your house of all your guns, tomorrow morning, after you go to work.
That's not a problem for me as I work from home.

But if they are bad guys then the reason they haven't already busted in is because they don't know if you are armed. If you tell them you are, then they will just wait for you to leave and come back again because now they know you have something that they want.
IME Bad guys don't like armed folks, there are much easier, and safer targets elsewhere but, alas, to each his own. I would much rather they know that forcibly crossing my threshold comes with consequences.

Out on the street, the element of surprise has advantages, At my doorstep I have no problem making it clear that I will make a stand.
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