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As others have mentioned, getting your family to a defensible area is paramount, inside a room with limited access is ideal. If anyone else in that room can shoot, arm them as well. Have someone call 911 and explain there is an intruder at the door.

I would likely turn on both outside, and inside lighting adjacent to the door and, from cover, command them to "State their name, and business being there" I will also announce that I am armed and, will defend myself as necessary.

I want to illicit some sort of response, and make the person aware of the possible consequences however, I will not, under any circumstances open the door until police arrive.

As for shooting through the door ? I would not do that for a number of reasons, not the least of which is, I cannot identify the target or, his exact location and, I do not know what lies between me, and the nearest backstop. The liability is too great to even consider it, IMO.
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