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I second the idea of putting everyone into a central room with one route of entrance and waiting for the police. This is where having a dedicated home defense weapon such as a short shotgun pays dividends, because if the intruder finds my family inside of that room before the police arrive I want something in their hands that it takes a split second to point and fire, and a 3" magnum number 1 buck from a 20 gauge with an 18.5" barrel doesn't require much in the way of aiming and will out an intruder down in an instant where as it will take a little more in the aiming department with a pistol.

As far as shooting through the door goes, in the state of Louisiana, the law states that deadly force may be used to prevent unlawful and forceful entry into an inhabited dwelling, meaning that any attempt to unlawfully enter, whether picking the lock or forcing their way in, can be met with deadly force. My CCW instructor told us about a case he had followed years ago of a woman who had shot and killed a man through her front door as he continually rattled the handle and banged on the door. Turned out the man was drunk and at the wrong house on the wrong street and his keys wouldn't open the front door. The woman never faced charges because of the law, but had to live the rest of her life knowing she killed an innocent man. I'm not saying what she did was right or wrong, I'm just saying that legally defensible or not, it isn't something I would want to live with on my conscience.
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