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Thanks All

Good input and some powders that would be completely new to me (Herco, any of the AA powders.)
I'll check Lyman's manual for these and start off there.

regarding some questions;

I guess you're right, 1,200 is actually a full load. I do see published date taking this bullet to 1,300 and a bit above but yea I agree, I'm talking full loads.

Leading? Once I paid attention to bullet fit (Not just diameter but also case tension and seating depth) and found a really good lube, it is a thing of the past, even at 1,200 (from my loads using H110). Honestly I also have to admit to having lapped my barrel but the most significant factor is bullet fit. And this is not with any majical alloy - straight WW with a pinch of Tin. I don't want to trivialize; the load development was lengthy and yes there is leading when I go over my proper diameter as well. It was a lot of work for sure.

Barrel length is 6.5 inches.
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