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Maybe I haven't had enough coffee yet.
What exactly do you mean by a "non-magnum" .357 load? Seems to me, once you push a bullet that heavy to the velocities your looking for, you're solidly into .357 magnum level loads. It certainly isn't especially light. The powder isn't what makes it a magnum, it's the performance. Your asking for full .357 magnum performance.
Note: I'm at work and Load Data is sparse.
I've built some light .357 loads (think .38 spec +P+) using AA#5, but I'm fairly certain that AA#5 won't do what your looking for.
AA#7, AA#9 or HS-6 might be worth a look.
To be fair though, if you're set on 1200fps with that bullet, you might want to look again at 2400 or H110.
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