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I know what you were doing.

Every time something like this comes up, I try to sow the seeds of truth as most people assume that the .270 and .280 were simple offshoots of the .30-06.

That's led to some interesting discussions here.

"Technically the 30-03 came from the 8mm mauser case."

I've always considered the 8mm Mauser the .30's grandfather, with the 7mm as the father, because it was US experience on the receiving end of that cartridge that set in motion development of the .30-01, the .30-03, and the .30-06.

"the 30-06 pictured in the lineup has a headstamp that says ".30 GI 1906"

That's an old Winchester or possibly Western headstamp, but it looks like that round is a military ball load.
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