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In no particular order, info about the S&W 500 snub: 1) The lightest of the S&W 500's. It is nice to carry in a holster, as opposed to the 4, 6.5. amd 8 3/8" guns. Comes in at about a half pound more than a 6" S&W 29. 2) It has as much rifled barrel as the 4" compensated model (as the compensator makes up the rest of the 4 inches). 3) it is horrendous with full loads, and I load mine down to a manageable level (385JHP @ 1120fps as chronographed). This is still 1 1/2 times as much as a .44 mag from a 6" barrel. 4) Fun gun to play with, but many find even 5 rounds of my reduced loads too much to call "fun". 5) Expensive, no longer offered, a little hard to find 6) Has a muzzle blast that gets everyone's attention, even two housesdown the road. [IMG][/IMG]

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