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Some Finns shoot as high and some are very accurate.
Tennessee gunparts (link in previous post) sells the taller front sights for the M39. I have bought one and they work great - in fact I had to file it down a bit to get it to shoot where I wanted it.

On M91/30's I just put a tube over the front sight post. I have used shrink wrap as well as a WD-40 tube for that task. Neither are permanent and both can be cut down to size.

Most of my Finns are perfect as they are in terms of precision and accuracy.

You might be able to find different front sights for Finns other than the M39 but I bet they are pretty pricey. A Finnish M91 sight will fit on a Russian M91 and a Finnish M91/30 will fit on a Russian one also. However, you won't fit a Finnish M27 or M28 on any Russian model, nor would you want to.

Personally, I would just go with tubing over a post 1930 Russian mosin (such as the M91/30 or M44) front sight and use some solder on a M91.
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