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The OP has offered up a good question and I will echo what one or two responders noted.
I am more interested in the novel designs from the Performance Center then to count on them to create a fine touch/action as part of the gun. Here's an example.
I own two PC revolvers. One is the .44 Mag V Comp and the other a .357 V Comp.
I bought the first one (.44) new, reveled in it, shot it and thought it was an outstanding gun.
But I purchased the second (.357 no lock) shortly after the first from a fine gentleman on one of these forums. He was a top notch shooter and had the gun worked over by Clark's 'smiths some time back. The action was simply outstanding. Far beyond the feel and action of the new .44 mag.
So the takeaway is - if you want a great running gun, by a quality standard S&W, and then send it out for work. Even the PC people don't have the time (and perhaps the expertise) to bring the best out of it.
If you like one of the PC designs (I really like the V Comp's if you can't tell) then buy one, but expect to send it out to an expert if you want it to run it's best.
Oh and yes, I'm sending the .44 out to Clark's who did recall what work they did on the .357. Nice people.
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