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Originally Posted by bikerbill View Post
I have fallen madly in love with the new 686 2 1/2 inch snubbie from Smith's Performance Center. I have a 4-inch 686+ and love it, but it's off the regular assembly line. I'm wondering if the PC touches are worth the extra money .. If you haven't seen the gun, it is beautiful, beadblasted stainless, wood grip, 7 rds, no fluting on the cylinder, 35oz unloaded ...

Any PC revolver owners care to advise me? It's over $1,000 list so I'd like to be sure I'm not spending my money unwisely ...


I have two of them. The action and trigger are smoother. Both are set for moonclips but I'm not a fan of 7 or 8 round moonclips.

586 L-Comp

They're definitely worth it to me for the money. Side by side, I can tell the difference in feel, action and when shooting between my Pro Series 627 and PC 627.
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