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full auto......

Full auto is a military (combat) needed option. In certain incidents our troops are being fired at by a location but no BG is seen. Seems the best thing to do is warm up the barrel and put some lead all over the general area down in BG's location. I would say in limited incidents local law enforcement might have this same instance. So to say is it over rated? Not sure how to answer that? The legal issues of going full auto get a little hot.... In a so called perfect (if such thing could exist) fire fight we try to put sights on bad guys and stop them. We have to know or try our darndest to know where each bullet is going. Full auto in the civilian world means to me a bunch of crap went wrong OR an entry team of lawmen have made close contact with a BG whom is showing he wants to dance (give deadly force a go). Even in Iraq rules of engagement aren't what the rules were in WWII. So to sort of answer if full auto is over rated......... NO - not if used in one of the context above or in a demonstration or training manner.

Just my .02
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