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No standard range I've heard of allows NFA Firearms. Just like no standard range I know allows 50BMG rifles.
Ranges that allow F/A are few and far between, but they are out there. I often go to a place north of Philadelphia ( which is an indoor range that allows not only full auto, but full auto in rifle calibers. When I have the time, however, I like to travel a few hours longer to get to a friend's farm where my friends and I can shoot ANYTHING. M2HB's, MG42's, M60's, 20mm Lahti's, 40mm M79's & 203's, PK/PKM's, 1919's, and even a minigun are standard fare on the farm. We are free to also use multiple charges of tannerite.

More pics at my friend's website of our shoot as well as some other MG line shoots...
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