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I don't know of any J frame with a rod that will eject a standard length .38 Special all the way out of the cylinder. If the 3" models have a longer rod, I don't know.

It's not the only short barreled gun with ejector challenges. 3.5" SAA's have the same issue with .45 LC.

One can use "technique" to assist ejection with inertia and gravity when the ejector rod is too short for full extraction, but this is still not totally positive.

Personally, I have tried on a couple j-frames the traditional right-hand palm slap, and the left-hand palm hit with the thumb around the barrel, and neither technique results in dependable ejection. I've come to prefer using my left-hand index finger so the other fingers and thumb can pull the remaining cases free. My technique isn't as fast if full ejection succeeds, but it wastes less time when ejection fails, and with j-frames I find that is more often the case than not.
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