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Originally Posted by T. O'Heir View Post
" may slow the bullet a little..." Nope. In the microseconds between the time the bullet passes through the compensator and the gasses follow, the bullet is already out of the barrel. It has all the speed it's ever going to get. The gases do nothing but push the muzzle down.
You're wrong. You're confusing ports with a compensator. They are two different things.

PORTS, holes in the barrel, bleed off gas pressure while the bullet is still accelerating down the bore. Reducing this pressure reduces the bullet's speed. This is already well known. Glock even says so in their instruction manual for their 'compensated' pistols (i.e. the ones with ports) stating that in these pistols bullet velocity will be reduced. The number they give is 30 fps.

IPSC/USPSA competitors also know this when they get holes drilled in their barrels (popple holes) and they have to increase their powder charge to reach the same speed because of the velocity loss from venting gas from the barrel while the bullet is still in the barrel.

A compensator, the thing attached to the end of the barrel, does not reduce bullet speed.
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