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Explain a situation where this would likely happen. Some guy trying to clear a building with multiple rooms?
In numerous circumstances where a person may have a child, children or other vulnerable family members in the home that is currently invaded by a bad-guy or ( bad-guys)

In numerous circumstances where another family member may have engaged an intruder and you are coming to their aid vs an unknow number of bad-guys.

In numerous circumstance where a defender is lured from a position of advantage to a position of disadvantage via subterfuge.

In numerous circumstances where a person who is currently in a defendable position of advantage but is forced to move or flee due to encroaching danger such as fire, smoke, being overrun, fired upon, being flanked or having to retreat due to injury.

So pretty much anything that might require a person to move within a hostile environment when they otherwise would have wanted to stay put. Its not a foreign concept. Sometimes its not as easy as simply saying "im gonna stay right here at the corner of this bookcase".
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