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9mm instead of 5.56 for HD

Originally Posted by shurshot View Post
With one particularly skittish varmint, I stood further back inside covered in the shadows, the muzzle of my .22 rifle well inside the window frame, and shot offhand. The noise was deafening and my ears rang for days.

I cannot imagine how loud and damaging to the ears a 9mm or .357 would be inside a dwelling, much less a .223!
From my own experience (which I’ll caveat by saying it was a single shot in the different events), my ears didn’t ring for days from a 9mm+P fired from a 3.5”-4” barrel. My ears didn’t really ring at all. What I had was short term hearing loss, in the matter of say a minute or two with the loss tapering as time went by. It was as if everything was muffled. Within a few minutes my hearing seemed fine, though my ears hurt for the afternoon (as I mentioned earlier I do have some hyperacusis). Again, in a defensive situation if you have to fire multiple shots this may be cumulative.

In the event you can’t hear someone such as first responders showing up or entering the dwelling this hearing loss could be very problematic. There was a sad story a few years back of a grandfather that fought off a home intruder who was attempting to rape and drown his grandson. The grandfather retrieved a firearm and shot the assailant. Afterwards the grandfather didn’t hear the responding officer ordering him to drop the firearm. The officer shot and killed the grandfather (who was normally hard of hearing and had sustained a blow to the head in the event in addition to the noise from the shooting). Beyond the long term damage to your hearing there can also be immediate repercussions of hearing loss.

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