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I am usualy optic sensitive, hate the tiny cross hair but the new Leoupolds work.

My spotting scope is one my brother gave up on because it did not work for him and it does for me.

On the other hand two of them could see the old Leopold's fine and I could not no matter how much adjustment.

My favorites scopes are a 3 Cabella Alaskan Guide, what ever spec they build those two suite my eyes to a T.

I have a Nightforce, mostly I like it but the dot fades as the light condition varies and its not good in low and or bad light (heavy dark clouds or close to dawn or dusk)

Amazing how varying the eye can be.

I surveyed for a lot of years though and I never had a transit that I could not adjust to my eye. What do they do right that gun optic can't do? The transit ranged from fully modern to ones about as old style as George Washington's transit (smaller ears and tube but same look,
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