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230gr..45ACP loads

In a previous thread I queried as to whether 200gr. loads poi could be raised to accommodate a 4-1/4" commander with fixed sights regulated for .230gr. bullets through reloading. What I got was a lengthy and very interesting conversation on the physics of semi autos, which I have been following.
At any rate I bit the bullet so to speak and purchased 500 230gr. Hap bullets to use in my commander. The goal is to replicate the performance of the 230gr. Speer gold dot's that I have chosen for self defense, advertised velocity from a short barrel is 820fps.

All of my 40 years of collected .45 ACP has been with 200 grain target loads from 5" barrels with adjustable sights so this is new territory for me.

Will be using CCI primers and Starline brass. Powders I have on hand include:

Universal Clays.
Tight group
AAC #7
Power Pistol
CFE pistol

Any suggestions based on previous experience would be greatly appreciated.
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