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Sorry lead. But I'm not second guessing myself. I being totally honest. I'm pretty much as confident as everyone else who has posted. I'm 99.99% sure that I would/could pull the trigger. But until the trigger is pulled and the gun goes pop, there is that .01% that it might not happen. I'm sure that no one on this board is psychic or has been blessed with the gift of prophesy. Too many things could be the variable in the equation. You can prepare yourself as much as you can. But listen to what I'm saying here.......Nothing is ever definite, 100% for sure. With the exception of the word of God. I'm 99.99% sure that my truck will make it down to the corner store, but until it pulls into the parking lot there is that .01% that it will not make it. I'm a eternal skeptic about a lot of the posts here. I hang out at gunstores and a local range. And I know that there is a lot more BS that goes around than actual experience. And from my experience as a dog trainer, the dogs that bark louder and the most are the dogs who are least likely to actually bite. In a military combat situation it is different than a street defense situation. In a military combat situation you know and are alert and expect to defend yourself. There is someone out there who intends to kill you. In a street defense situation you are most likely going to be caught off guard. You will have your mind on something else and in a split second you will have to assess the situation and what action to take. Does this situation warrant or constitute the use of deadly force? Is it safe to others and or is anybody in the line of fire? Will the law see it my way? And if you are a Christian, will God see it my way? Is there another way out of the situation? I'm not second guessing myself. I'm just wondering will these things impede my actions. Will they go through my mind? HONESTLY I don't know. I've never been in the situation. You can condition yourself as much as possible for the fact that it could happen, but to totally believe that you WILL WITHOUT A DOUBT,100% pull the trigger in ANY situation, is to give yourself a false sense of security. Sure I agree. Train and condition yourself for the chance of the situation. 99.99% is really good odds that you will pull the trigger.
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