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Thank you for a very well reasoned and appropriate post. That is the caliber of reply I expect from an administrator. And it will receive what I hope is a respectful discussion of our difference of OPINION.

My original post regarding a collector forum was moved from where I thought it would receive the most exposure. It was moved to a forum where (again in MY opinion only) it would not collect the attention of most of the users of TFL. And Harley Nolden's Institute is great but not of the same intent.

TFL is a great site. And I am aware of the achievement of Rich Lucibella whom I greatly respect and contact from time to time regarding the software. And as to the software, I also own and administrate a site with a version of your old software but/and not to the extent of TFL as it is a fee site and not firearms related. The problems are there and are substantial.

We should all strive to remember that every participant on TFL is really on the same side in a far more important "difference of opinion."

Personally, I like to see the site (TFL) allowing some "non-gun" commentary as I would like to think that most firearms owners are not single faceted.

The "moved" question was intended to foster thinking within the greater portion of TFL as to its merit. The BEST gun magazine I ever had the privilege of reading was "Guns" which I believe is defunct now. (Perhaps a reflection of my tastes) It covered shooting techniques, collecting, new products and historic footnotes. It was a product of the '60's and a great many things have changed.

I still think that the "suggestion box" is overlooked by many and should maybe be made into a private messaging unit to tell you of the staff of our ideas. I admit to having NO idea how to poll a larger audience other than allowing the suggestions to be posted to "General Discussion."

TFL is still a great site. And although I may still nettle some, it is ever in the hopes of IMPROVING the site.

Thanks for the work you guys do.
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