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So, I was reading a post where someone was having trouble handloading with their bergare in 6.5C (they were loading lighter bullets too). So I decided to try something, I chose the powder charge with the best group from the ladder test and seated 3 rounds at 0.033" off the lands, and 3 rounds at 0.053" off. (i only had 6 bullets of the ATM left at the time).
the 0.030 off shot 0.75 moa and the 0.050" off shot 1.48 moa, so then I started thinking maybe its not just longer seating depth, maybe it likes a longer heavier bullet too. Soo I had some factory loads I tried.
Hornady Match 147gr ELD-M and Hornady Superformance 129gr SST

The 147's beat out the 129's every way. 147's have an average group size of 0.55 moa with a max/min of 0.63/0.46 moa. 129's averaged 1.62 moa with a max/min od 2.22/0.94 moa.

Im either going to try to handload some 147 eldms or some of the 153 ATM (just depends on what the store has) and will report back.

Also, when good ol' hounddawg blames it on my shooting ability, again lol, Monday I shot these consecutive groups with my home-built AR-15 chambered in 6.5 Grendel with factory ammo.
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