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I Handload and shoot 6.5 Creedmoor, my rifle is a Custom Turk Mauser, 24",1:8" twisted #2 contour sporter.
It likes the Starline Large primer brass and it shoots 5 different bullets and powder combos well.
Well means to me under moa, and about the same point of impact on a target at 100 yds.
When I have any test or loads that I vertically string, I go back to fundamentals and shoot it again to make sure it in fact was me or it didn't like the combo. Sometimes it's usually a trigger and shouldering foul up on my part.
If you can get it, try RL 26. I can't get it here so I'm using rl23, Rl19 for 140's and IMR 4451 for 120 range weight bullets and h4350 for 130 grn Berger's where it has put 9 rounds in a dime at 100 yds, when I don't get in the way.
Keep your Axe sharp and your powder dry.
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