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Consistency is the most important factor, does the turret head not move the same every time? So the "spring" is such a detriment in a turret press but the lack of locking threads on the Co-Ax is not?
The amount of deflection due to spring in a press or turret head is related to how much force is being applied, which varies with brass size and hardness, speed of operation, amount of lubrication, etc. and thus is very hard to replicate consistently.

The amount "float" in the co-ax press is preset, regardless of the other factors above. It is always consistent. And just to be clear, the lock ring is locked tightly to the die threads, and the lock ring & die float as a unit in the die slot of the co-ax press. When a turret press head moves during use, it moves up and down, but at an angle too (bending and play on the turret axis). The top and bottom of the the co-ax die slot are machined parallel, ensuring that there is no tilt or angle imposed when the die floats.

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