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December 29th week 6, THE Last Week.

I Think the season will Quota out in a few day's, like 1-3-13??
I just hope Mr. Stark doesn't get nervous and close the season early!!!!
Remember weekday counts are averaging 4 per day

Day 36--North West Zone 6=151---season total=218
Day 37---------------------12=163----------------=230=24 to go
Day 38----------------------2=165----------------=232=22 " "
Day 39 --- There are no posted results, season "PENDING"
Day 40- about 4 this afternoon the website listed 181 and announced that the season will close at the end of shooting on Thursday Jan. 3rd. As of 2230 hrs the count still stands at 181. I would like to know where this number comes from and after watching the registration site every day of both seasons it has always been late afternoon and evening that the counts would go up.
And the phones are still calling the season closed.
Day 41--About 2 this afternoon the results on the web listed 191 up 10 from last night and early this morning. Like I have previously stated, most registrations came late afternoon and evening throughout the season but today 2 registrations were posted since 2 pm bringing the count up to 193 for the North West Season.
This brings the Late Season Harvest to 260.
I am curious to see if any more are posted after this 193 count.
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