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2nd Season Week 2 results

Dec 1 Week 2
8--------2=22----------6=26-----------1=3------------9------------51= 198
14------1=30-----------7=43-----------0=4------------8------------77= 275

Dec 8 Week 3
Day----NE Zone-----NW Zone-----EC Zone----Daily tot----Season tot

As of 12/5/12 these are the counts from other states,
Wisconsin counts, 104 w/10 to go.

Idaho Counts, 113 Hunting, 5 Trapping (??) not great trapping results??

Wyoming Counts, 38 of 52 for Trophy, 19 registered in Predatory Zone

Montana is restricting calls from out of the area. Someone from Montana will have to post the tally if they would be so kind. Or PM me with the tally and I will post it.
1-800-358-7862 the recording will give out results for each unit and there are many. I had pen and pad ready when i found i could no longer connect.
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