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I am using the 110gr TTSX in my 15" Encore 7mm-08. I've only shot one deer but it was "BANG!", Flop! The bullet performed exactly as you describe except the exit wound, probably because I'm only at 2,835 from the 15" barrel.

I'm sure you already know, but OAL is relevant only to your gun so long as the bullet is seated far enough to stay in place.

In the near future, I expect the areas I hunt to be legal for rifles. Right now, I'm leaning toward getting a 270win barrel for my Encore.... load data suggests just shy of 4,000 fps from an 85gr TTSX, which I just have to see!

Anyway, thanks for the info. Don't understan what your say here..You useing a 7mm08 and yet rifles are not legal????????????
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