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My problem with USGS maps is that they are 1:24,000 scale and I don't have a protracter that will work with them for accurate point plotting
I make my own overlay, while not exactly a protractor it works for me very well.
I always use the UTM (eastings)scale on my USGS maps and have my GPS set that way also.
To start with I grid my entire map and then have a 8.5 X 11 transparency gridded the same and put in 3 random grids on the transparency further gridded to 10 meters so that I can align the 2 anywhere on the map to pinpoint, and then what i do is stick a pin through the overlay if need be.
Its large, but I don't fold many maps smaller and I do not think I have ever hunted an area that I don't have to adjoin 2 and even 3 maps
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