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I've used many FR-8s' for rebilding. On the outside they are VERY SOFT (I had one brought in a guy lost his cool with and wrapped it around a post - bent the action behind the ring at about 20 degrees. I thought it was lost), but I sawe that there was no crack and judiciously straightened it, put a 25-06 bbl. on it and AOK!
Mauser actions like this were evidently hardened by induction inside the reciever ring with carburizing compound (carbon) and left soft outside as I have never had set-back with an FR-8!.
Yours ought to work good in the scout mode; I think they're pretty good Mausers and I also do the Turkish 38s'.
Just check the bolt closing (don't want to feel a bump (set-back) and be sure to check headspace. I really like Boyd Stocks.
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