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The most accurate I've shot were Noveske, LMT and Daniel Defense. There are others.

You said first:

Actually, they have better accuracy than most
the THEY in that sentence refers to pump rifles (and specifically, I believe you meant, to a 7600). The they in that sentence does NOT refer to AR15s.

So why are you now mentioning AR15s? Your claim, to rebut mine about AR15s, is that *they* (pumps) actually have better accuracy than *most* AR15s. Which I have no reason to disbelieve, having never had a 7600 or other pump bottlenecked-centerfire.

So I said "interesting; thanks; which ones?" (meaning which pumps are more accurate than most AR15s?)

Then I realized you were talking about 7600s, so I edited to show you that I saw that and said thanks again, because I answered my own question. (well, you answered it in a separate place in the thread)

So the end result is (I thought) that you were saying 7600s are more accurate than MOST that not what you're saying?

Because if so, although I still have no reason to disbelieve it, it would be a little bit surprising if you're saying that a 7600 is more accurate than those specific high-quality AR15s you mention.

So what ARE you saying - AR15s more accurate or 7600s more accurate? The conventional wisdom is that 7600s ain't all that accurate, which is why I found your claim to the contrary to be "interesting" (in light of the fact that AR15s have a reputation for being accurate).

Maybe you're saying 7600s are more accurate than MOST AR15s but not those 3 high-end ones?

Glad you found my comments interesting. ROLLEYES
So you'd prefer I said that your comments were worthless and irrelevant or what?

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