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Wasn't completely sure whether you can chamber a 308 into a 7.65 as the diameter at the shoulder is larger. Drdirk, what kind of accuracy are you getting out of the factory loads you have been shooting so far?

Leftoverdj, you bring up a good point.
If somebody was sporterizing the rifle for cheap, he could have had the barrel rechambered and machined the steps off the issue barrel.

Sure must be a sloppy military chamber if you can have a 2.8 inch case with a 2/10ths larger diameter at the shoulder?

So far as factory ammo goes, you could either go that route or try some fresh 308 brass on it. Still kind of puzzled about the die situation. Sportsman's Warehouse was selling RCBS small base dies for under $30 here in the DFW area just a few weeks ago. Hope it works for you.

Its really a shame they don't load the 7.65 here anymore. When I was looking up the cartridge specs, its really a pretty good setup. Pretty much the same power as a 30-06, and thats not a bad place to be.
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