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Another interesting possibility is the Reising SMG.

In the late 1940s, the US military found itself with a huge surplus of submachine guns, particularly a massive number of M3 Grease Guns that were built in preparation for an invasion of mainland Japan that never happened. However, the USMC had placed a bunch of Reisings in storage after they were deemed unacceptable in combat and replaced with Thompsons. Since the Reisings were pretty much useless and redundant, none of our military allies had big stockpiles of .45ACP ammo, and the guns effectively couldn't be sold to civilians since the NFA was in effect, the solution was to dole them out to law enforcement.

Since most police departments kept "special" weapons in lockers most of the time, the Reising's notorious susceptibility to sand and high humidity was not a serious problem.

I know that the Dallas PD had a bunch of them as late as the 1970s, although they were usually kept locked away at the shooting range to prevent officers from using them in inappropriate situations. (This was prior to the advent of SWAT teams, and this policy had the ironic consequence of preventing their use in a few appropriate situations that happened after the shooting range had already closed for the night. )

Although it's unlikely that any patrol officer would have a Reising in his patrol car on a routine basis, it could be stored at the station for use in a "special situation".
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