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Browning BAR, shotguns, Public Enemy...

I'd look at a Browning BAR. This powerful machine gun was often used by both law enforcement & the "gangsters" of the era.
The model 1918 was a 30/06 caliber full automatic designed for military use.
The Colt Monitor was a modified version of the model 1918 designed for LE agencies & highway patrols.
Id watch Michael Mann's film; Public Enemies(2009) & go over .
Shotguns were common too back in that time.
The popular sidearms of the era for police & federal agents included the Smith & Wesson model 27 .357magnum, the model 10 .38spl, the Colt Police Positive, the Colt 1911a1 .45acp & the rare .38Super, and the Hi-Power 9x19mm(9mm Luger). The .25acp "Baby Browning" was often a "back-up"


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