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Your argument that NAA is "cheap" over this holster not being included issue is absurd.
I've had to look around the country (in one way or another) for leather to fit several of my guns that wasn't stocked regularly locally.
Those little NAA products are simply not high-volume sellers, and most dealers don't like to retain inventory that doesn't move in the way of accessories. It ties up both capital & display space, and there might be a whole three-dollar profit margin for a stocking dealer on a typical NAA holster.
With costs rising everywhere, NAA choosing to not include a holster is not cheap, it's just a matter of business.

Either the NAA gun you bought fills a need & a niche for you, or it's a toy. If it fills a need, you suck up your disappointment & do what it takes to support that gun and that need, and you move on. If it's a toy, then by all means let your grief overwhelm you and find something else to play with.

I own two NAA revolvers & both were carried at various points on the job when I was still a working man. I had to look around for holsters for them before I could do so. No big deal, I waited till I found what I needed, like every other gun & holster combination I've ever bought.

Sales packages change. No company owes you the same exact combination of items that were included in ANY purchase you made with them from inception to eternity. Every business has the right to change the contents of a sales package as they deem necessary.

Things like the cleaning rod & screwdriver that used to come standard with Smiths were dropped long ago because a huge number of buyers (me included) never used them, and S&W simply decided to cut costs. There were some who thought it was a shame those accessories were no longer included, but got over it in the greater scheme of things. Managing costs is an everyday business reality in any operation that makes or sells to stay in business.

Your posts are the equivalent of saying "I bought a Smith revolver 15 years ago & it came with a screwdriver. I bought one last week & it didn't. I emailed the company president and he said 'We can't please everybody', which I take as a flippant lack of concern for customers, and I had to go buy a screwdriver to adjust my sights with before I could carry my new gun. On top of which, they had the gall to RAISE PRICES in the past 15 years!!! If this is the way this CHEAP company operates, I'm not buying any more of their products!"

Nuisance for you? Apparently a huge one. Cheap company? Not hardly.
NAA is a relatively small outfit, I've been to their plant. You will not find a wide range of accessories to fit their guns at any gunshop, sales don't justify using the limited space a dealer has in place of items that do move.
When you buy a low-volume fringe gun, you have to expect a little more effort in locating support gear for it.

I can't find leather locally for my Bond or ADC derringers, have to order from the makers or go aftermarket special order. They could include leather with each gun, but they'd have to raise unit pricing to cover it. The holster they include might not be the type I want, and I'd still have to buy another one. People already gripe over "high" prices of today's guns.

This is nothing more than NAA making a cost/benefit decision to drop the included holster (for however long a period of time they were doing it) to hold costs down. In no way does that make the company "cheap".

You could have ordered direct from NAA immediately after you discovered the lack of a holster in the box & had a holster to fit your gun in 10 days or less, without all the time & hassle involved in chasing around locally.

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