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And ridiculously overpriced. You can get a far better rifle for less money(K-31 for example). I was considering getting one until I saw the price and I learned about the K-31.
that is a highly subjective matter. the K31, albeit a very fine battle rifle has no historical value as a weapon that won or lost a war, therefore the Springfields have more collectors value.

K31s for the most part had beech stocks with very few having walnut. walnut is a sturdier wood and guns with walnut stocks have better resale value. American service rifles from 1903 on all used walnut stocks all the way up to the M16.

K31s are a relatively recent addition to the military surplus world. Springfields were sold by the millions in the 50s and 60s for as little as $10, leaving very few available in recent years leading to a market rarity. many countless thousands were permenantly modified, destroying their collectibility, leaving fewer in a condition that commands a decent price. most springfields for sale are all coming from private collections rather than from large warehouses.

in the case of the 1903A4, only an estimated 30,000 were ever made making them extremely rare in comparison to the K31.

market values comes down to three things.

springfields are all extremely high quality, even the A3 which replaced certain milled parts for stamped parts, are becoming quite rare and as we live in the nation that won 2 wars while using them, they are quite collectable. the prices reflect those things. K31s are saturating the market right now, are in good condition only because they never saw combat conditions, and have little collectability. they are an extremely complicated design and have some design flaws which can be slightly detrimental, although nothing so critical that civilians would have to worry about. in 10 years gp11 surplus ammo will likely be a distant memory and the K31 could cost as much as a springfield 1903 does today... in that case which is the better buy?

a simple, symbolic american piece with unlimited aftermarket and gunsmithing support for and a HUGE factory loaded ammunition market?
a rifle that most non-collectors couldn't identify, that few gunsmiths will touch, with little aftermarket support, and an obsolete cartridge with few manufacturers continuing to produce?

I'm not belittling the K31 and I own many rifles that are much worse off in all of the fields I listed, I am simply explaining that the springfield is expensive for a reason.
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