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In all fairness, those groups were fired from the Accurite device. It receives the entire rifle, allows for natural muzzle jump and takes the human factor out of the equation. Only thing I have to do is squeeze the trigger. We use this to prove both rifles and load data.

Once a load is found we prove it with 20 targets, 5 rounds each. Anything over an inch at 100 yards disqualifies the load, and flyers are not allowed. Once a load is proven, it's entered into the log book for that particular rifle. Any and all projectiles sent down range are chrono'd and the data entered into the same log book.

The scope on that zfk55 is an IOR Valdada fixed 10 power. The typical scopes for k31's used here for load data development is the Leupold Mark 4 or the Premier Heritage 15x. We use these scopes so that we don't have to even think about a scope variable in the equation.

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