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03, 03A3, 03A4, among the finest military issue rifles ever produced.

Sniper: The nomenclature is English, coined during British India campaign, but the role as we understand it today is a definitively American concept, conceived out of necessity during the War of Independence. It was the theory that well placed shots could make up for a lack of military resources and it was the early Colonial hunters, farmers and other self made "expert marksmen" (i.e. those shooters who could consistently hit a 7 inch target at 250 yards using a Pennsylvania Long Rifle) that gave it wing.

It's initial psychological impact on the British in 1775 was brutal. By selectively targeting officers and non-coms rather than foot soldiers, smaller American forces could completely compromise British chain of command and create mayhem in their ranks--the invader's terror made all the more maddenly as their enemy rolled back like fog into the pines. They promptly termed the practice of "sniping" barbaric (the British also regularly starved Patriot prisoners to death) and eventually lost their North American colony to the people who lived there

An'' ole' Brer' Rabbit, he set in de bushes, he watch an' he wait, lay low an' he don' say nuffin'

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