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Snipers........ sniper rifles.......... Really?
If you believe all the hype at forums like Snipers Hide, you're going to spend bucks.... lots of bucks for no good reason at all.
I wonder how many whistles, bells, tactical, uber tactical and tactical extreme things Carlos Hathcock used? Winchester Model 70 .30-06 using an 8-power Unertl scope. Nothing more at that period of his service.

Any rifle capable of MOA or better at range with a competent shooter behind the trigger qualifies.

Who was he?

There are few original issue military rifles that are Sniper designated. This is one of them. The zfk55 Sniper issued to a designated marksman. Never named as a "sniper".

And with the right scope, it can consistently produce these 5 round groups at 250 yards.

This k31 is not designated as a sniper.

But it too is capable of this kind of group at 200 yards as are a very many issue k31s.

The k31 and it's mates, the 1911, k11 and the rare (in the US) zfk55 Swiss Sniper Rifle are a rarity in another category. A Military series of rifles rifles designed around a specific cartridge for accuracy and performance.

The intent of this cartridge/rifle mating was to hit a human in the kill zone at range and they performed as intended. Not many production rifles are capable of doing that. The very great majority of these rifles perform extremely well as issued.

So do you really think that a career sniper, either active or retired, would go on a supposed sniper forum and talk about his profession? Maybe.... but it would be the rare one.

If you have the performance capable rifle, all you need is the training to use it effectively. There are schools, and after graduation, you won't have to just talk-the-talk. You'll also walk-the-walk.

Take your time as quickly as you can and............ stay low.

An'' ole' Brer' Rabbit, he set in de bushes, he watch an' he wait, lay low an' he don' say nuffin'
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