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looking for input.

hello all,
for my next gun related purchase I am looking at a couple different options.
1. buying a K31
2. scoping my M41B mauser.

on one hand it would be nice to have a sniper I could reach out to 500+ yards with again but then again who can say no to a new gun?(I don't own K31 yet). I restored a M1903A4 a couple years back and if there's one thing I hate is a money pit sniper repro but on the other hand I also hate stocking up on reloading supplies and ammo for new calibers.

decisions decisions...

given a $400 budget(including ammo and reloading components, or scope and rail) which would you go with?

oh and just as a side note, I would probably be going with a modern scope style, do the repro scope rails use 1" rings?
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