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First time hunter.......

Made a trip to the lake this morning with the wife, daughter and her boy friend ( His first time on a gator hunt. ). Caught this guy ( 11' 8" ). Kind of odd in that we heard them bellowing just like in the spring and then this guys swims out all bowed up a few hundred yards away.

Got lucky in that he was in some THICK stuff when he went down and.....but he settled instead of swimming off as they usually do. Gently set a big hook in him and slowly raised him to the surface, rod in one hand and harpoon in the other. Soon as he came into sight hurled the harpoon and from there it got wild as he was green. Pulled the boat all over for a while before we could get another harpoon in him.

Where we got lucky was in that if he had bolted when the hook was the only thing in him we'd of lost him.

And yes the boyfriend was PUMPED, shaking like crazy. In fact mention was made that "golf is NEVER this exciting!".

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