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They're beyond the point of no return now and feel they just have to win at all costs. The thing is, the more exposure they're creating is just going to make their image worse. I hope the kid's lawyer, the judge and the jury slap the prosecution down a few pegs. It's getting beyond ridiculous.
I can not imagine why a prosecutor would throw himself so deeply into the mud over what appears to be a simple case of a kid mouthing off, not shutting up, in the presence of the officer who was called to an incident that was clearly caused by a teacher who didnt understand the school policy in the first place.

This kid has already proven four professionals all lack good judgement and should not retain their jobs;
the instigating teacher who misunderstood the policy,
the principal who was slow to resolve the issue without police help,
the cop who could not effectively manage the kid (who was in the right) without arrest,
and the prosecutor who is now the true fool here - the one who had the opportunity to evaluate the entire event at his own pace - is still backing the results of three previous failures.
Absurd is the only word for it...
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