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One Thing To Keep In Mind

Actually, using a slight oversize SOFT lead ball seems to work the best for me. Here is what I mean:

Compared to a modern, cartridge firing revolver, the rifling inside the barrel of a percussion revolver has very little lead to grab hold of-just the bit of lead on the circumference of the ball that was under the part of the lead ring that was shaved off when the ball was seated!

That is why I like slightly oversize SOFT lead balls-the more lead shaved off that forms the ring, the slightly bit more of lead for the rifling to grab.

WHAT TO AVOID: A HARD cast lead ball that is too OVERSIZE. You have to have the strength of a GORILLA to seat a HARD, oversize ball in the cylinder!!!!

In actual fact, even though I have a casting machine, I generally use the round, swaged lead balls made by Hornady or another ammo maker. Why? Because unlike cast lead balls, Hornady or Speer commercial round balls have no sprue that must be loaded in the cylinder with the sprue centered in the chamber!!!!
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