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"Instead of 375H&H have you considered your own version of the 375 Chatfield -Taylor? If a 300WM will fit chances are good that this will too.....and you can easily achieve 375H&H power levels with it."

I was going to suggest the same thing but you beat me to it. I like mine very much and it's quite accurate.

"I will look into the Chatfield-taylor, but I suspect ammo or brass for it is going to be similar or worse than the 375 Flanged situation."

Ammo is no problem. I've made brass for mine with everything from 7MM Rem. Mag. (last choice BTW) to .458 Win. Mag. (first choice.)Easiest is either use the base .338 Win. Mag. brass and just neck up or my preference, .458 Win Mag. brass Either will work with one pass through the sizing die with a very slight trim of the neck to insure the necks are square. IIRC, there is a place that makes brass with the proper head stamp but unless you're hunting out of country where head stamp and barrel stamp must match it's not something to worry about.
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