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Originally Posted by Bill DeShivs View Post
Springs take an initial set. After that, they have to be bent past their elastic limit to set any further. I have been working on guns for 50 years, and I have never replaced a spring unless it was rusted or overheated.
Firing pin spring. Yep, same.

Shotgun mag tube springs wear out the fastest, but they are the weakest and abused the most. I've worn out mag springs and recoil springs, even a few striker springs, but never a bolt action firing pin spring.

I've checked mine on only one bolt action, about 9K rounds fired and 5k dry fires as of last year and still the same strength. But the rifle, with the original par load I have for it, shoots a good 80 fps faster today than it did 12 years ago when new. So maybe my firing pin spring is getting stronger.
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