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My 30-06 handloads in 150, 165, and 180 gr loadings are beating those numbers by 100-150 fps. I'm loading about .5-1 grain below a max load that shows around 58,000-59,000 psi.

The velocities I get with my 308 handloads are right in line with the numbers you posted and I'm at about the same .5-1 grain under max.

I believe it is a lot easier to safely improve on 30-06 performance.

That said, I have a lot of respect for the 308 round. I started with a 30-06 almost 40 years ago simply because a family friend had almost umlimited access to military surplus 30-06 ammo at the time. That was a big decision for a 15 year old kid trying to buy ammo. I have no regrets, would do the same today under the same circumstances, but if not for that would probably have gone 308 if making the same decision today.

Recently i have found myself reaching for the 308 a lot more than the 30-06's I've had for years. I'm a hunter, not a target shooter. The decision for me is the rifle, not the chambering. My 308 rifles are trimmer, lighter and much more enjoyable to use for a day of climbing mountains. While I can always beat the 308 with my 30-06 by at least 150 fps with comparable bullet weights, both are really more than I need most of the time.
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