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I like the 30-06 springfield between the two, because I never owned a .308, but I want one... I know that my 30-06 has killed a lot of deer for me, with "one shot" kills usually the norm.. I also have a friend that uses the .308 for deer hunting, and has killed more deer than I have,(I dont know how)but he says he uses the 150 grain CoreLokt bullets exclusively while I prefer handloading 150 grain Ballistic Tips from Nosler. We have never taken both rifles to the range at the same time since maybe 1985, at that time I was using 180 Corelokts, and open sights. He has a 4x Weaver on his rifle (it's a remington 700 like mine was) I schooled him long and hard about to the point where I could have bought his rifle for $100.00, but I digress.... The point I want to make is How cool is it to be Able to pick a caliber??? Huh???
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